Bee-Bop-A-Lula Tops Bee-llBoard Hot 100

Brought to you courtesy of The Bees!

This week’s Top Ten Worst Puns in Pop Music History:

10. Bobbee Goldsboro – Honey
9.  Beetles – Happiness is a Swarm Gun
8.  Sting – A Winglishman in New York
7.  Frankie Valli – Hive Got You Under My Skin
6.  Queen – Bee Will Rock You
5.  Fats Waller – Ain’t Misbeehiving
4.  Marlene Dietrich – Pollen in Love Again
3.  The Bee-Gees – Stayin’ A-Hive  (2 for the price of 1!)
2.  Marvin Gaye – Wasps Going On
And at Number One, the very worst pun
1.  Apiary Como – For the Good Times


AnElephantCant deny that sometimes the SPLAT! is a little harsh, but feels that it is well deserved this week.

AnElephantCant hide stuff from his reader.
For this blog he shares credit or blame
With a friend he loves dearly
And clearly sincerely
Ben’s Grandpa is his chosen pen name

So please visit him at: and tell him to join us on WordPress, where he will have so much more fun!

About AnElephantCant

An artist/writer/poet combination whose blogs reflect an approach to life that celebrates nature and takes a tongue-in-cheek view of most issues. So you get rhymes and doodles, photographs and comment. Irreverent and irrelevant. Occasionally funny, sometimes serious, mostly pointless.
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3 Responses to Bee-Bop-A-Lula Tops Bee-llBoard Hot 100

  1. Francina says:

    there are times that I feel sorry for the bee… this is one of them. he is happy singing and fluttering around and then.. wham such a splash on my screen.
    the top hundred is cleverly found.


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  3. mixedupmeme says:

    You gotta Bee who you gotta Bee.

    I went over to grandpa’s place. I tried to leave a comment…..but you know me and comments…:( Somehow they don’t like me and wouldn’t even let me post. And after I had written out this long plea and begged and begged him to come over here.

    But you are right……..sure looked like a boring place to me. 🙂


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