AnElephant in AnElevator

AnElevator by Phil Burns

AnElevator by Phil Burns

AnElephantCant be unhappy with his laid back lifestyle
He normally has more sunny smiles and less fearsome frowns
But nevertheless
Like everyone else
He occasionally suffers from wee ups and downs

He is an intrinsically placid and contented beastie
Not grumpy like a crabbit koala bear or aggressive alligator
So he wants to discuss
As discuss it he must
The trials and tribulations in the life of the unfortunate elevator

Who has a choice of only two directions
He cannot decide to go left or turn right
He can never hurtle
Round and round in a circle
No matter how much that prospect might excite or delight

His elementary existence is bizarrely bi-functional
He is devoid of any healthy horizontal options
He is quite down to earth
Till he goes in reverse
Then he has exhausted all his vertical concoctions

He is extremely useful in all sorts of special circumstances
If you have heavy luggage or an armful of armchairs
Or too many gifts
You just jump in a lift
It is much easier than plodding up several hundred stairs

It is not the worst of all possible permutations
Much more fulfilling than a percolator or infiltrator or excavator
He tells everyone
He has twice as much fun
As the essentially unidirectional and uneventful escalator

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10 Responses to AnElephant in AnElevator

  1. Ave Valencia says:

    Remember the elevator in The Incredibles? The one inside the waterfall? That was a nice one.


  2. Nan Falkner says:

    Love your poem on elevators – you are so clever and you make me laugh! I like elevators but I still have trouble (even though I do) getting on escalators. I had a bad experience as a child on one. Oh well, as you say, life has it’s ups and downs! Enjoy your week! Nan 🙂


  3. emmylgant says:

    Emm is filled with laughter
    This bidirectional elevator
    rhyme is quite an upper
    and washed away her downer.
    Il est tres amusant
    mon ami UnElephant


  4. Al says:

    A very up and down post. I like this 😀


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