Bicycle Pumped – Friday Fictioneers

AnElephantCant pretend he is perfect
But he usually writes the exact number of words
Sadly this week he blunders
Uses way more than 100
But it gives him an excuse for this execrable verse

Once again it is Friday Fictioneer time.
Presented weekly by pedal-pushing Rochelle, Tour leader to a peloton of superb cycling storytellers.
And AnElephant.
The idea is to write a very short story, circa 100 words, based on this picture prompt (below).
That’s it.

Copyright Jennifer Pendergast

Copyright Jennifer Pendergast

Bicycle Pumped

Although he is no longer young, he still gets a thrill from speed.
So he hurtles downhill into the busy roundabout with the wind in his teeth and a smile on his face.
His bicycle is almost as ramshackle as he is, and functions only marginally better.
So when he applies his brakes he knows immediately he is in trouble.
Because nothing happens, his cable is floating loose.
But he is famously fearless, almost to the point of insanity.
Or perhaps stupidity.
So he aims his front wheel at the tiny gap between the school bus and the German caravan.
He estimates that he has about 5 centimetres to spare on either side.
He explodes into laughter as, still at full speed, he careers through the gap.
And sees the dog.

About AnElephantCant

An artist/writer/poet combination whose blogs reflect an approach to life that celebrates nature and takes a tongue-in-cheek view of most issues. So you get rhymes and doodles, photographs and comment. Irreverent and irrelevant. Occasionally funny, sometimes serious, mostly pointless.
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79 Responses to Bicycle Pumped – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Lucy says:

    Love the last line. Unique response to the prompt. Well done, Lucy


  2. Sarah Ann says:

    I’m sure I could provide pointers on where to cut the word count but I’m far too busy laughing. Fantastic pacing, great detail, and killer last line! 🙂


    • AnElephant writes exactly 100 words 99% of the time.
      He could have cut this quite a bit, but 100 was a stretch, so he just let it go.
      Glad you enjoyed, happy you laughed, thank you for praise.


  3. Bastet says:

    Oh dear…what an intrepdid gentleman…but alas…the feathers I think will soon fly!


  4. Dee says:

    Had to be a German caravan… with dog to match??
    Hope his tetanus is up to date!
    Well done as always Elephant.


  5. Fast moving ride, that. Sorry for the pooch.


  6. My heart aches for the poor dog…


    • Oh, Bjorn, you are such a big softie!
      And, psst, don’t tell anyone, but the dog is okay, really.
      The cyclist swerves and hits a queue of under-7s at the bus stop instead!


  7. Very well written and executed – I hope not the dog! Really lively and detailed and exciting to read. good job.


  8. Nifti says:

    Nifti thinks he’ll be tumbling down the stairs, pooch, safely out the way. Poor bike.


  9. RoSy says:

    You had me riding & smiling along with this crazy nut. 😉
    I’m gonna’ let my imagination take this tale & the pup’s tail to a safe ending. A close one – but safe. Whew!


  10. Nan Falkner says:

    Dear Elephant, Great story as always and poor doggie – either going to doggie heaven or a pet hospital. I really enjoy your entertaining mind – You are so funny and talented! Nan 🙂


  11. elappleby says:

    Reminds me of the cyclists in London, whose risk-taking takes my breath away. A thrilling ride!


  12. storydivamg says:

    This wild ride was worth the extra words, Elephant.



  13. Jan Brown says:

    Ouch! Poor pooch….

    Great story, great imagery! I felt a kinship with this offbeat character whose body and possessions are deteriorating at the same quick pace!


  14. Ouch.

    I hope the dog could manage a quick nip of his ankles before he gathered his limbs (and his pride) and sped off into the horizon.

    A delightful read, as always! 🙂


  15. JKBradley says:

    Famously fearless, love that.


  16. This reminds me of something that happened to a much younger co worker of mine last week. Was there a young lady nearby watching? 😉


  17. elmowrites says:

    Poor dog! I loved the way you created a vivid word-picture, Elephant, and the “functions marginally better” line was my favourite


  18. helenmidgley says:

    I could picture the scene and was laughing as I read 😉


  19. typo? careers/careens
    Look out for the dog! I loved this.


  20. znjavid says:

    Entertaining read as always!


  21. What we are left to imagine after this story is just brilliant!


  22. Good use of words to make this story fly! What a wonderful old man.


  23. Gosh, I hope the dog’s okay. But really, how do you not notice the break line on your bike has come loose.


  24. Hannah says:

    Le pauvre chien! But a fun story despite the dog’s fate!


  25. Adam Ickes says:

    Such a fine line between insanity and stupidity that it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes. I think maybe this guy is a mixture of the two. Poor dog, though.


  26. wmqcolby says:

    YIKES! The best laid plans of mice and men and dogs gang aft a-glay. Oh well …
    Nailed it, Elephant … just like the boy and his dog! 😀


  27. Elephant, That was hilarious. I laughed out loud. XD Acutally, I would feel sorry for the dog if he was real. Great story once again. 🙂 —Susan


  28. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear AEC,

    Hot Dog! A great last line at the end of a whimsical tale.




  29. Oh my, been there, done that. Lived to tell. 😀


  30. And as he sees the dog, wha… wha… what happens? I can’t bear to look… or even think.

    Great narrative and the twist in the end.



  31. Al says:

    Haha that is going to be a crunch and munch LOL. Great story 🙂


  32. emmylgant says:

    You have done it again! I stopped breathing when he sees the dog! I slammed on the brakes too.
    Great take on a prompt AnElephant.
    Encore une fois, ce sont les details que tu donnes qui menent le lecteur au coeur de ton recit. Vraiment genial!


  33. Locomente says:

    A pacy narrative… Like the way that person runs his bicycle!


  34. Dear Elephant,

    I see a collision of spokes, fur and fleas on the horizon. I so wanted to put on the brakes. Up to speed as always. 😉




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