trust by anelephantcant

trust by anelephantcant

she smiles at me
she takes my hand
leads me to her front door
she wipes my brow
she whispers sweet
the words that I must know

you know that you can trust me
to keep you from the rain
I always will protect you
and shelter you from pain

you know that you can trust me
my house is free from ageless crime
nothing can ever harm you
I can keep you safe from time

you know that you can trust me
you never have to worry
don’t be the slightest bit concerned
about the debt you are incurring

she flies my fears
she dries my tears
with a silken handkerchief
she makes me whole
she takes my soul
and she feasts on my belief

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6 Responses to trust

  1. Hm, a bit of a dark widow twist. You are really becoming master of the setup and twist ending, all very brief! Masterfully done.


  2. RoSy says:

    Oh how lovely…


  3. barbtaub says:

    This is the part in the movie where you wave your arms at the clueless one and yell NO! Don’t go into the scary place…


  4. Oh that feels like it takes a dark turn. I am pretty sure you can;t trust this one. Go to wisdom’s house instead!

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  5. beautifully done


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