The Seer

two-faced by phil burns

two-faced by phil burns

The Seer

Once upon a time the Seer was famous throughout the lands of the earth.
He was knowledgeable, he was informative, and he spoke the truth.
He provided a Service to the World.
He was trusted everywhere for his integrity.
In the land of BeeBee, where he lived, all the people contributed willingly to feed him.
And for many years he gave great value for money.
He was more intelligent and much fairer than other seers who were paid by rich men.
But, sadly, times have changed.
It is now known that he was badly flawed, and that he lied to protect his reputation.
Once his integrity was compromised, it was a slippery slope.
And now the corrupt rulers of the land use him to spout their propaganda, to crush free thinkers, and to control the unruly masses to the north.
These people are still compelled under threat of imprisonment to fund his lies.
The lies that threaten their freedom.
They consider the BeeBee Seer to be the mouthpiece of their oppressors.
And they despise him.

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4 Responses to The Seer

  1. Indira says:

    This may be applied to political situation everywhere. Nicely written.


  2. Nan Falkner says:

    Are you talking about our Congress? Good story! Nan


    • Al says:

      Our parliament Nan. Scotland wants its independence but if they do, then it means that our parliament loses money and its grip on the country. We are starting to lose our democratic rule and Scotland wants out before it goes completely. It’s subtle, very subtle.


      • Yes, this is about the current political situation in Scotland, which is in the throes of a major war of propaganda. The media, led by the shameful BBC (BeeBee Seer), is almost unanimously anti-Independence, because the Westminster Government are hand in glove with the City of London (cf Wall Street). The BBC has been disgraced for some years now following a series of scandals which decency prevents being mentioned on a family blog.


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