the longest word

goodbye by anelephantcant

goodbye by anelephantcant

I try to list the things we have
she keeps saying what we lack
and tells me that we can’t return
but I keep looking back

I ask her to explain her doubts
she tells me no one listens
I give my word that I’ll stay near
she prefers to keep her distance

I tell her she gives happiness
She tells me I bring sorrow
I ask about the years of joy
She says that time was only borrowed

I swear to her I’ll hold my tongue
I’ll be sensitive and quiet
she argues that I can’t be still
and there’s no way I can deny it

I love her and she knows it’s true
I have given her my promise
she shakes her head and says goodbye
and that word lasts the longest

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2 Responses to the longest word

  1. Bri, has your heart been held hostage of the 49 th parallel?
    Phew this one is……… Beyond rich.; well let’s say you aren’t afraid to get the grit of emotion under your fingernails! Hats off my friend.


  2. emmylgant says:

    She says that time was only borrowed… great line.
    AnElephantCan spell goodbye better than anyone.
    In this poem, the dance (I/She) leads the reader through a dialog and the arguments to the unavoidable conclusion. Heartbreakingly real.


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