The Neighbours – Flash Fiction

AnElephantCant claim he’s a poet
He can only churn out awful rhymes
But this week is a breeze
He writes one with ease
Because in the photo he sees jingly jangly wind chimes

AnElephant is invited by the lovely, and Priceless, Joy to write a piece of Flash Fiction for her challenge, here.
The inspiration comes from the photo provided, below.

Copyright Dawn M Miller

Copyright Dawn M Miller

The Neighbours

They seem nice enough, the new folk across the road.
They are polite and friendly, invited everyone over to a housewarming party last Sunday.
He did the barbecue, she was the perfect hostess.
They both smile a lot, laugh at the right time, have an encouraging word for the children.
So why do I not like them?
No, let’s ask the question honestly.
Why do I hate them?
Well, two reasons.
Firstly, he is very like my late husband.
And I hated him.
I hated him so much I killed him.
But I am smart, I got away with it.
Because they have not found his body yet.
But the second reason is more worrying.
Their wind chimes.
I can hear them all the way across here.
Even when there is no wind.
They keep me awake at night.
And they always sound the same.
They play a tune, an old Elvis song, from a movie.
He loved it, always sang it at parties, in the shower, in the car.
I’ll remember you.

About AnElephantCant

An artist/writer/poet combination whose blogs reflect an approach to life that celebrates nature and takes a tongue-in-cheek view of most issues. So you get rhymes and doodles, photographs and comment. Irreverent and irrelevant. Occasionally funny, sometimes serious, mostly pointless.
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11 Responses to The Neighbours – Flash Fiction

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  2. emmylgant says:

    Truly creepy with notes reminiscent of Du Maurier’s ‘the Apple tree’.
    Great read.


  3. Tastyniblets says:

    Great story Elephant (if I can call you that :)) wonder if she was imagining the wind chimes ringing due to her guilty conscience.. Really well written!


  4. RoSy says:

    The ghost of the ex will be with her forever…


  5. Oh my gosh, creepy! But excellent! I loved this. ❤ LOL


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