arched with malice by phil burns

arched with malice by phil burns

Click here to hear this 90-second poem read aloud:

the roads in town are all dug up
the noise is black as fate
the traffic at a standstill now
my life has reached a stalemate

in the country lanes the cars run free
the speed limit doesn’t matter
the law clearly cannot be enforced
the fat cats are getting fatter

she heads into the ladies’ room
behind the first day bride
I wonder what can take so long
she exits through the other side

I search now where I should not be
it’s built of tiles like some great palace
the doors are coloured leaded glass
the high ceilings arched with malice

my friend tells me to purchase one
saying it is quite magnificent
but I know I can’t afford it
I feel tired and insignificant

once again I am in a crowd
I know this is the wrong place
my dreams are clouds of darkened minds
I can’t breathe I need my own space

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3 Responses to stalemate

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    Overall, this speaker is feeling suffocated. He needs to be free, but doesn’t know how. Buying a building of malice won’t help. The idea furthers the feeling of being trapped. All the people, the city, waiting for her behind “the first day bride” all suffocating. Maybe a stalemate is? No one wins and it’s confining. Hope Christmas is better than this Elephant. Wishing you freedom to roam and space to think and live.


  2. AnElephant apologises for somehow failing to respond to the lady’s comment.
    And for making her weep.
    Just life’s little trials, m’lady.


  3. Dear Elephant,

    Sad state of affairs…she exited the other side…arched with malice. It sounds like t his marriage is doomed before it had a chance to begin. AnElephantCan make me weep.




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