never lonely

never lonely by anelephantcant

never lonely by anelephantcant

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Never Lonely

I never once felt lonely
all the years I was alone
but everything is different
now you’ve been and now you’ve gone

all those years before I met you
I’d no worries I’d no sorrow
I smiled to welcome every day
now I’m afraid to face tomorrow

I lived my life and I was happy
as a solitary man
lovers came and lovers went
lovers wept and lovers ran

they left no trace behind them
no tiny shadow on my heart
then you and I found each other
and then you tore my world apart

they left no mark upon me
their beauty barely touched my life
till you cut through my defences
and sliced my soul out with no knife

all that I am is far behind me
like an ancient Celtic cross
I know the truth that leaves me broken
there is no loneliness like loss

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10 Responses to never lonely

  1. Dale says:

    Better to have loved…
    …. but ignorance is bliss!


  2. emmylgant says:

    I read (and heard) this poem at the end of a long ride, a wistful rainbow watching me in the rear view mirror part of the way. So perhaps I was primed.

    This one killed me softly.
    And sat with me a while.
    It is soulful and the bluest blue.

    I especially liked the rhythm here:
    ‘lovers came and lovers went
    lovers wept and lovers ran’.
    And of course, the last mellifluous line;
    ‘there is no loneliness like loss’.
    Rochelle is right again.


  3. julespaige says:

    Reminds me of some family losses…some distant others closer…
    Love lost is love lost…


  4. mandibelle16 says:

    I like this one a lot Elephant, beautifully written. And in a way I get this, before ‘her’ your speaker was alright. He lived his life, the way he knew how and life was as it always was. Then, she comes along like a storm and changes him, he loves her. It’s something new and life changing for him, so it effects him deeply when it doesn’t work out when she’s gone.

    I think because she filled spaces he didn’t know were in him, and when she was gone suddenly those in between spaces felt desperately empty. That’s why before he was never alone but is now. She’s “the best he ever had” so there’s nothing to look forward to and those spaces she once filled, remain empty so now alone, the speaker is lonely, knowing what it was like to full of her love before.

    To me that’s what this poem says. Yes Elephant, I know extremely long comment. One of my fav’s you’ve written, but hard to choose 🙂 Hugs as always my friend. Stay well.


  5. Dear Elephant,

    No one can express sorrow and loss in quite the way AnElephantCan. Beautifully written.



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