in cloud by anelephantcant

Click here to hear the poet read his verse:


when I’m happy in the darkness you blind me with bright light
when I bask in warm sunshine you wrap me in cold night

when I dream of song and laughter you wake me with a jolt
when I do everything I can for you it seems it’s all my fault

when I gaze up at the blue sky you envelop me in cloud
when I meditate in silence you tell me I’m too loud

when you say you’ll spend your life with me I know for sure you won’t
when you tell me that you love me I know for sure you don’t

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2 Responses to when

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    This ones a bit different in form and brevity. It’s remembering a lesson, but not filled with maps much grief. It hurts, but it isn’t as painful and sad as some of your other poems. Somewhere in here Elephant, I hope you find hope and light that comes from you and is not dependant on a past woman, a lost love that didn’t work out. I know lost loves create deep holes, but we can fill them with deeper loves, friendship, laughter, family, even when we are old. We can find that spring in our step that hope worth living for, getting up for, even if when we are very old, it is only one small task.

    My great-gran Evelyn taught me this before she died last year. She was 98,she experienced so much loss in her life, but she knew how to hope and this to keep getting up, until it was time for her to go home. She had great grief, missed her large family, her siblings, a young son who died, two husbands who passed, long time neighbor, her boyfriend (she refused to marry in her 80’s), and she lost her 38 year old only grand daughter who committed suicide, lost in deep depression. She had much loss,but I believe Elephant like her, you can find that hope and overcome your loss and grief, no matter your age.

    I think this blog is cathartic for you, so I hope that you are not in such pain, but I also want you to be happy and find that light in each day. She didn’t take it away, it’s still there. Hugs and kisses.


  2. Oh, to have understood that poem years ago!!!


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