the rocks by anelephantcant

Click here to hear the poet read his words:


waves rumble
round the rocks
in wintry sunshine
I sit
contemplating the ocean
my mind
far away
across the planet
maybe just
deep inside myself
when I see
a solitary bird
a waterfowl
a Canada Goose
my heart weeps

About AnElephantCant

An artist/writer/poet combination whose blogs reflect an approach to life that celebrates nature and takes a tongue-in-cheek view of most issues. So you get rhymes and doodles, photographs and comment. Irreverent and irrelevant. Occasionally funny, sometimes serious, mostly pointless. https://anelephantcant.me/
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2 Responses to waterfowl

  1. lemonjooz says:

    I enjoy the way you read your own work. It’s a nice touch to ground the poems in a more tangible context.


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