time by anelephantcant

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the poet remembers the old days
when summers were long and hot
he was young strong and immortal
and time stood still or so he thought

time presents us with a challenge
fills each of us with deep down doubt
we know that with each passing moment
the sands are close to running out

it is more than fifty years ago
that Bobby told us in his poem
nothing ever stays the same
times change and the waters have grown

Jim Croce tried to preserve it
in a bottle and a beautiful song
but time moved far too fast for him
sadly Jim is now long gone

The Stones thought time was on their side
but still it trickles past
it pauses not for any man
not even Jumping Jack Flash

no point watching that second hand
it will just leave you deranged
you check the wall look at your wrist
find time has already changed

the future grows forever smaller
the past gets greater every day
the present moves each time we breathe
each second crawls its lonely way

and now the poet has to leave
he has finished his poor rhyme
he’d like to write another verse
but finds he is out of time

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in the sun

in the sun by anelephantcant

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in the sun

summer is over and autumn has fled
dreich winter is just settling in
the wam lazy life we enjoyed all those years
disappears like the slow setting sun

do you think the love we once had is dead
do you feel that the passion is gone
is there any future in who we are now
or should I just sadly move on

will your life be much better without me
do I bring you less pleasure than pain
will you be happier not to know where I am
and never to see me again

I have been here too long growing tired and old
when I want to lie every day in the sun
don’t make me stay here slowly fading with cold
let me be warm let me live in the sun

and please let me die in the sun

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shooting star

venice by anelephantcant

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shooting star

I remember a clear night in Venice
when I wished on a brief shooting star
all I ever asked was to be always with you
now I don’t even know where you are

I thought that you felt the same way
I didn’t believe that you could desert me
all I ever needed was to be always with you
I didn’t know how badly you’d hurt me

our romance was painfully turbulent
my heart was left battered and scarred
all I ever desired was to be always with you
I didn’t know love was so hard

I remember the last time I saw you
still hoping for a last moment reprieve
all I ever wanted was to be always with you
I didn’t know you didn’t want me to leave

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angels died

angels died by anelephantcant

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angels died

I thought we’d paint all heaven’s glory
created by Pablo’s insight
instead we redraw Vincent’s story
of that longest of bleak starless nights

I thought we’d write tales of great heroes
like Homer in those days far off
instead we scribble nothing too serious
deserving only of Steinbeck’s great wrath

I thought we’d soar wondrous in sunlight
multi-hued as love’s butterfly
instead we plummet like unstringed kite
unable to soar graceful on high

I thought we’d dance waltzes together
in music that Johann inspired
instead we stumble blindly forever
in the shadows where dark angels died

I thought we’d walk Mediterranean beaches
in laughter amidst drops of rain
instead we learn all life can teach us
about the heartache the loss and the pain

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love and butterflies

butterfly by anelephantcant

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love and butterflies

once upon a time
I saw a butterfly
whimsically twinkling
through the brightly hued garden
of life
making me smile
brightening my existence
alighting for but a moment
on each flower in my soul
eclipsing the radiance of each petal
nurturing my wonder
giving pleasure

* * *

by her very nature
her joy-bringing was ephemeral
but in that brief second
I savoured her magic
her elegance
her effortless grace
and I was lifted by her beauty

* * *

what a gift she inspired
just by being
what a gift to teach
with no word
the purest of all of life’s lessons
that which you cherish
but for a fragment of an instant
enriches for all eternity

* * *

I held her for that fraction
watched the colours fade
too fast
released her
with a smile
and a tear
of a sudden
the saddest lesson
of them all

you cannot love a butterfly
by pinning it to a wall

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no today

springtime flowers by anelephantcant

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no today

isn’t it strange
how things can change
in just a single moment
one instant here
then disappear
as if we all are snowmen

can it be true
that when we two
first met and fell in love
each moonlit night
your smile so bright
dimmed even the stars above

we’d spend each day
in love and play
blooming like springtime flowers
under dark sky
we’d kiss goodbye
wishing we had more hours

but then somehow
‘tween then and now
we forgot the words to say
the saddest rhyme
in that short time
yesterday is no today

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colour of the sea

colour of the sea by anelephantcant

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colour of the sea

the colour of the sea is summertime
as blue as the bluest of skies
reflecting the perfection of the heavens above
where the tiniest cloud is a smiling surprise

the colour of the sea is magic
that special mix of turquoise and green
sparkling with life like a Mermaid’s eyes
reflecting the underwater wonders she has seen

the colour of the sea is starlight
gleaming like Mercury’s molten wings
the twinkling tranquillity of a soft autumn moon
the reason an angel’s heart sings

the colour of the sea is angry
gunmetal and restless and moody
I watch it fret from the end of the pier
thinking perhaps I have wrongly intruded

the colour of the sea is lonely
rumbling and crashing and black
the white flakes of spume that fly from the waves
tell me you will never come back

the colour of the sea is empty
like the night that can never be day
bleak and flat and eternally hopeless
like my life since you went away

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