drops of paradise

drops of paradise by anelephantcant

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drops of paradise

silver tipped
caress rocks
then trickle down
sloping sand

tide rises
surf splinters
over ragged edges

foam flakes
catch drops
of paradise
in Mediterranean sunshine

and then
giant breakers
over craggy islands
watching eyes
in argent delight

and my soul

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waiting by phil burns

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there are nearly a thousand Tupperware things
I’ve no idea what they are for
there are pins and clips and bottles of stuff
that never get used any more

there is coffee and milk and sugar and tea
there is Vodka and there’s Irn Bru
I never drink any of these bittersweet things
they just sit here waiting for you

there are snacks in the freezer and up on the shelf
I could mix them into a sad stew
there are packets and cartons and tins of strange things
that sit here just waiting for you

there’s a pillowcase here that always stays clean
there is a TV that doesn’t get watched
there are towels in the bathroom that don’t ever dry
isn’t it sad when a life has been botched

there’s me and my face and my brain and my smile
and my eyes that grow daily more blue
there’s my heart and my soul and my life and my love
just sitting just waiting for you

there’s a man going off to a place far away
where he knows he will never see you
there are tears running down an old crumpled face
there’s a heart that is broken in two

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lovers by anelephantcant

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some lovers we barely remember
some lovers we never forget
some lovers we knew only fleetingly
some lovers we have not yet met

we fall in love so easily
with a face or a smile or a voice
the first sight or sound entrances us
we no longer have a choice

love is filled with endless clichés
the way she walks the way she talks
but it all comes down to this one thing
when she’s there our world just rocks

we forget a name from six months ago
remember eyes unseen for twenty years
and one we held for a few short weeks
we love still through the happiest tears

we live in hope of a last great love
the one who makes this life worthwhile
but perhaps she’s back in our native land
while we live in blissful exile

I will finish by telling the truth now
to the lover I’ll never forget
you know who you are, my angel
I miss you always without any regret

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the night

the night by phil burns

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the night

each evening the sun goes down
shadows move and pain hits deep
that’s when I face my inmost fears
and evade the clutch of sleep

I lie awake avoiding dreams
I pray dawn will be here soon
I know the nightmares linger still
on the dark side of the moon

the darkness drifts into my heart
I anticipate the fright
from crannies slither nameless beasts
who live and breathe the night

I huddle with wide open eyes
seeking the purity that saves
but grass and earth are thrust aside
as children leave their graves

all this I see but now I sense
black spectres’ putrid breath
the misery that feeds my life
keeps me from blessed death

I pay the price for long past sins
when I marched with Satan’s horde
because there’s a price for every soul
so I reap my just reward

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i can write

lovers and tides by anelephantcant

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I can write

I can write a poem
to describe the starlit skies
and to tell you how the moon affects
the lovers and the tides

I can write a love song
to describe a summer day
full of bright-hued flowers and butterflies
and parks where children play

I can write a story
to describe a sweet romance
how we first kissed beneath a lamppost
and walked on golden sands

I can write a story
to describe how we found love
but comedy turns to tragedy
and my words are not enough

I can write a love song
to describe your smiling eyes
and how your hair blows wild in western winds
you think all my words are lies

I can write a poem
to describe in rhyming verse
how you make me feel when you are near
but you never read my words

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lazy sky

the childless fisherman by anelephantcant

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lazy sky

a solitary white-sailed boat strolls by
on a silent still-born breeze
late afternoon clouds are tainted in blood
looking awkward and ill at ease

palm trees silhouette on a lazy sky
surprised by the colour of the night
shadows distressed by the smiling moon
the trembling darkness is scourged by the light

relaxed on the forbidden jetty
with its bold no entry sign
the childless fisherman eyes the waves
contemplates wryly the end of his line

grass painted green by autumn deluge
dog paused for news beside the stream
tumbling angrily under the bridge
all these belong in the insomniac’s dream

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do flies go to heaven

cockroach in heaven

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do flies go to heaven

I wonder if flies go to heaven
and is it the same one as ours
clearly butterflies must
to sprinkle magic dust
otherwise who pollinates all heaven’s flowers

I wonder if cockroaches go to heaven
do they scurry around at high speed
do they come out at night
to give people a fright
do they satisfy some celestial need

I wonder if frogs go to heaven
can they croak as loud as they like there
do a million tadpoles
achieve individual goals
or do they still get eaten by pike there

I wonder if rats go to heaven
are they still an affront to the eyes
do they scurry around
in whatever rubbish is found
or does everything sparkle in their paradise

I wonder if bigots go to heaven
and how happily they fill their days there
hating Blacks and Chinese
and folk who pray on their knees
thinking that they should not be in the same place there

I wonder if we all go to heaven
and if so then what is it worth
do we stay unfulfilled
until we reach this next world
the poet prefers to live his life while he is on earth

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