in cloud by anelephantcant

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when I’m happy in the darkness you blind me with bright light
when I bask in warm sunshine you wrap me in cold night

when I dream of song and laughter you wake me with a jolt
when I do everything I can for you it seems it’s all my fault

when I gaze up at the blue sky you envelop me in cloud
when I meditate in silence you tell me I’m too loud

when you say you’ll spend your life with me I know for sure you won’t
when you tell me that you love me I know for sure you don’t

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sometimes you almost

sometimes you almost by anelephantcant

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sometimes you almost touch love
it stumbles closer every day
you stretch your fingertips until
it mocks you and slips away

sometimes you almost hear love
perhaps across a telephone line
is that static or just silence
did you miss a crucial sign

sometimes you almost see love
in a simple photograph
but you know you are out of focus
when you hear that scornful laugh

sometimes you almost taste love
you think it should be sweet and pure
you recoil at the bitterness
that no medicine can cure

sometimes you almost know love
though the problems are immense
and a sneering voice informs you
you are sad and too intense

sometimes you almost find love
it draws two hearts together
then conceals itself in darkness
and stays hidden there forever

sometimes you just forget love
because you know it cannot last
it only has one purpose
to remind you of the pain-filled past

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let go

let go by Phil Burns

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let go

the pain is when you love someone
and she loves you too you know
there’s still a spark deep in both hearts
yet you have to let it go

sometimes this life is just too hard
you wonder if you’ll ever grow
or hang on forever to the hurt
when you have to let it go

you think that you’ve moved on at last
you think you’re free although
the chain is still around your soul
and you have to let it go

you travel far you try to hide
you pretend it doesn’t show
but inside you’re still breaking up
you can’t ever let her go

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one last tear

one last tear by phil burns

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one last tear

the most difficult thing is to start each day
knowing that you are no longer here
facing up to the fact there is no one who cares
so each morning I cry one last tear

I believed that you’d stay forever with me
you’d always be here to hug and to hold me
was I foolish to follow an impossible dream
to believe all the lies that you told me

I have never understood why you had to go
was the price of my love way too dear
are the shattered remains that you left behind
as unimportant as that one last tear

when we were together I was quite relaxed
I was seldom upset or depressed
now I view the same world in a whole different light
deep cynicism and a sense of distrust

so one last smile is all I ask for
one last kiss before you finally go
one last touch demonstrating a flake of affection
the last sign of love that I’ll ever know

then I’ll face up to the fact that nobody cares
and one last time I’ll cry one last tear

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morning sun

morning sun by anelephantcant

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morning sun

fragments of thoughts
as clouds
the argent sea
like a diamond
at her throat
the parasol pines
in a gasp
of gourmet green
birds sing
the Hallelujah
by a sprinkle
of the most beautiful
of nature’s
wondrous gifts
the magic
of the morning sun
gently upwards
illuminating a sky
as blue as
her eyes

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the hole

the hole by anelephantcant

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the hole

there is a hole in my life where you used to live
under blue skies and blissful sunshine
with beaches and forests and long summer strolls
now the hole is as deep as a mine

there is a hole in my heart where you used to love
with a gentleness so sweet and warm
where you kissed my lips and created my smile
now the hole is black as a storm

there is a hole in my dreams where you used to dance
where the music was happy and bright
with guitars and violins and cool saxophones
now the hole is as dark as the night

there is a hole in my soul where you used to be
where you soothed me and tended me well
a perfectly heavenly tranquility
now the hole has the bleakness of hell

there is a hole in me

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seven heartaches

clouds on windless high by anelephantcant

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seven heartaches

I watch silver stars shine in the sky
golden sun rise every morning
I wonder if I’ll ever forget her face
with every new day I see dawning

I hear the sounds of happiness
laughter carried on the breeze
dogs bark with joy at every sound
birds sing in hedgerows and in trees

I don’t understand how this can be
life goes on as intended
has Mother Nature missed the point
does she not know the world has ended

in one more week I head on home
seven dusks and seven daybreaks
one more week to think about the past
seven nights and seven heartaches

I taste her in my morning coffee
see her beauty flowering in the park
to the music of my broken heart
her shadow dances in the dark

and now I’m in another country
there is sunshine far less rain
time drifts on like clouds on windless high
I hope in vain for far less pain

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