Hallowe’en by Phil Burns

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Hallowe’en is a night full of magic
when candles in turnips shine bright in the dark
nervous folk fear spirits will venture forth
but the ghosts are only real in my heart

Hallowe’en is a night full of laughter
children dress up and go out in disguise
they find chocolate and old-fashioned pastimes
and the ghosts are only seen by my eyes

Hallowe’en is a night full of mystery
witches ride broomsticks and slide down moonbeams
warlocks conspire to make mischief
but the ghosts only live in my dreams

Hallowe’en is a night of festivity
of parties and dancing and games and great fun
when the oldest and youngest all celebrate
but the ghosts are still here though you are long gone

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I want

I want by anelephantcant

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I want

I want to feel my arms around you
I want to smell your hair
I want to see the laughter in your eyes
I want to know you care

I want to watch the fog disperse
I want to see your wondrous land
I want to tramp through forests green
I want to hold your hand

I want to stroll along the beach again
And hear the eagles high above
I want to see you smile in happiness
I want to be the one you love

I want to walk the bridge with you
And take the boat across False Creek
I want to see you rock n roll
I want to be the answer that you seek

like the beaver and the raven
I want to see you living free
but more than anything my love
I want you to be with me

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loving you

loving you by anelephantcant

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loving you

my heart leapt
that first time
and my soul
asked the question
where have you been
my whole life
while I
have been searching
for you
was too
for this
poor poet
to describe
with his
lack of talent
as I lingered
in my feelings
for you
I asked myself
why is this
so difficult
at last
of course
you look deep
into my blue eyes
my blue
and tell me
the awful truth
how can I
not have known
how can I
not have seen
is so obvious
to everyone
but me
you love me

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love fits

love fits by anelephantcant

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love fits

you tell me you can’t stay with me
because my love no longer fits you
when you go you take my heart and soul
even my shadow escapes with you

my friends all ask the question
are you so sure she loves you
I say of course I am convinced
she doesn’t know me well enough not to

you tell me you are leaving
because you have nothing left to give me
I say I don’t want anything
I just pray that you’ll forgive me

sometimes you make my heart scream
I think I can’t stand further pain
but when you’re not here I ache and wish
I can suffer that way again

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into smoke

precipice by anelephantcant

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into smoke

I follow her into the nightmare
although I am terrified of the cost
so deep so deep is the night
that even the darkness is lost

when we arrive at the precipice
there is no slight hint of surprise
her wry smile does not falter
her hair falls over her eyes

I hear a tinkle of laughter
but I do not get the joke
I see a glimpse of  shadow
as she disappears into smoke

the flowers have all wilted
she says fly butterfly fly
the cocoon slowly crumbles
the sky begins to cry

she steps between the raindrops
is untouched by the wind
I collapse beneath my innocence
uncertain of where I sinned

she dances with no inhibition
cares blow away in the breeze
as she radiates sunshine
my soul melts in deep freeze

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The song of the poem, too cool!

Sound Bite Fiction


I often wonder through the day
where you go when you get that call
I never ask and you don’t say
I only hope you’re here before nightfall

I’ve loved you from the day we met
it was not just my heart you stole
you took my peace of mind and soul and yet
I hope you’ll return before nightfall

I have no desire to tie you down
pinned like a butterfly to a sad dank wall
you are always free to move around
but I hope you’re back before nightfall

because when you’re not here I worry
I want to know you’re safe that’s all
you don’t need to even hurry
but please come home before nightfall

my life is strangely void without you
I feel that I’m much less than whole
I don’t resent the pain you put me through
I want my arms around you come…

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mermaids dance

mermaid by Carolina Sartor

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mermaids dance

in that split second when we met
time stopped and froze the sands
I loved you from that moment when
we first saw the mermaids dance

minutes passed or maybe months
you thought of me and took a chance
once again we wandered hand in hand
and watched the mermaids dance

the wind was soft sea spray was fine
we felt our love in every glance
oh to live again those perfect days
when we saw the mermaids dance

years have slipped by my one time love
since our Côte d’Azur romance
my heart aches yet with memories
of mermaids singing while we danced

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