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the garden of France

Click here to hear this 50-second poem read aloud: The Garden of France achingly gently slipping lightly almost tracelessly through the garden of France leaving only in the wistful hearts who sense an ephemeral passing a whisper of love a … Continue reading

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the saddest thing

Click here to hear the poem read aloud: the saddest thing that you can do is to wait for her to go knowing she won’t say goodbye she has not yet said hello you know that she will disappear without … Continue reading

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she is

she is warmth in the winter sunshine in the dark a bird that sings butterfly wings she is the night sky full of stars twanging guitars a laugh that can light the longest night she is waves over stones a … Continue reading

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to love AnElephant

it isn’t easy to love AnElephant who thinks he’s a butterfly he goes where he pleases as if carried on breezes he is more likely to laugh than to cry he wanders the globe like a trade wind he doesn’t … Continue reading

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Ear Phones Recommended: I know you love to ride on horses so sleek and proud and fast against all odds I was your favourite but that’s way back in the past I know you love a polar bear like me … Continue reading

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Ear Phones Recommended: I survey the wreckage of my life and contemplate the cost I question now the poet’s words better to have loved and lost without you there are no starry nights the sky is black and dead the … Continue reading

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Time Flies – Sunday Photo Fiction

 AnElephantCant be AnInsect When you see him it is obvious why But sometimes he is snug As a a bug in a rug And he is often compared to AnElusiveButterfly This is a weekly invitation to write a short piece … Continue reading

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