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not always

Click here to hear the poet read his words: not always I promise you I will love you forever you know I’m a man who means what he says so I want to make something quite clear now I promise … Continue reading

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Click here to hear this 100-second poem read aloud: beauty this poet can’t possibly define beauty I am not sure if anyone can what makes the heart sing depends on so many things whether you’re a poet a woman or … Continue reading

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the lovelorn lepidopterist

  once upon a time I saw a butterfly drifting floating flitting whimsically twinkling through the brightly hued garden of life making me smile brightening my existence alighting for but a moment on each flower in my soul eclipsing the … Continue reading

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sometimes you almost touch love it stumbles closer every day you stretch your fingertips until it mocks you and slips away sometimes you almost hear love perhaps across a telephone line is that static or just silence did you miss … Continue reading

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Eruption – Ligo Haibun Challenge

AnElephantCant remember so long ago To the time he first became a fan When The Prophet began To tell of the man The inspirational Khalil Gibran The Ligo Haibun Challenge is a weekly event hosted by AnElephant’s dearest friend Penny, … Continue reading

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The Ghost of Love

We fear our shadows are but ghosts Of who we are and were They follow us where’er we walk Remind us why we’re there These shadows are the things we did The needless hurt we caused The shadows of the … Continue reading

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Pancakes on the Roof

Roses are Red Violets are Refrigeration Aliens don’t wear hats! AnElephantCant tell you how lucky he is With the more talented much fairer sex He isn’t good looking He is hopeless at cooking And he is clueless at reading sub-text … Continue reading

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