without you

empty days by anelephantcant

empty days by anelephantcant

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so this is my life without you
a heart stumbling in sad disarray
a mind that once lived to enchant you
now spiralling into wretched decay

so this is my life without you
long nights that are painfully black
a darkness that stretches forever
into the next time that you won’t be back

so this is my life without you
tear-sore eyes with no you to see
a spirit devoid of restriction
wrapped in shackles since you set me free

so this is my life without you
a full year of continuous ache
I long ago abandoned the purpose
my soul dying small flake by small flake

so this is my life without you
crippled arms with no one to embrace
withered fingers bereft of sensation
still they crave to caress your sweet face

so this is my life without you
a succession of empty days
of words and deeds that mean nothing
and poems full of pointless clichés

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taurus by anelephantcant

taurus by anelephantcant

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I am strangely moved
I watch them go
My jacket streaked with hunger
I am aware that time has passed
We met before when I was younger

The bread rolls in my pocket
The scribbled note’s remains
I know for sure what I have lost
But not what I have gained

The boy was most articulate
We are a travelling school
She teaches us the three subjects
We have no need for rules

Some things we learn for wisdom
Because they’re good to know
Some things are just necessity
How to run and how to throw

What is the point learning to cut
If you do not have a knife
She teaches us to make such things
To live a balanced life

We learn to read from all these books
That someone wrote for us
She teaches us to write our own
That’s why we call her Taurus

I now pretend indifference
While taken by her charms
She steps unknowing to the night
The baby in her arms

The boy is sore to leave me there
He blinks turns quick away
Her fleeting smile shines from without
Perhaps we’ll meet again one day
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temptation by anelephantcant

temptation by anelephantcant

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not a single vague thought of unfaithfulness
two people in wedded accord
so what really happened that day long ago
all too simple to say I was bored

a smile on the lips the flash of white teeth
the brown eyes that promised adventure
led quickly astray on a warm summer day
with not enough thought for the future

long shapely legs in an all too short skirt
enough to turn any man’s head
succumbed to temptation or sparked into life
thinking only together in bed

the touch of a tongue between moist parted lips
a hand on a breast soft caressing
no memory now of that last glass of wine
just two people too quickly undressing

the lean muscled frame of the eager young man
the firm curves of a beautiful woman
the delight in the eyes enjoying the sight
the realisation they are both only human

for one afternoon a life was forgotten
for one afternoon it was lost
that one afternoon that changed both our lives
and a husband still counting the cost

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forever by anelephantcant

forever by anelephantcant

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I remember when I met you
the first time we laughed together
I made myself a promise
that I’d love you forever

it wasn’t always easy
your moods were often black and long
but I knew you were worth it
so my love stayed pure and strong

because you were also sweet and gentle
always beautiful in my eyes
so I forgave you everything
even those little lies

I said I’d love you till I die
I filled your ears with praise
then some small thing just sparked you off
and you didn’t speak for days

sometimes you made unkind remarks
my heart was bruised and sore
perhaps your friends found it amusing
until I could give no more

I see the sun through tear-dropped eyes
today I do not feel so clever
you broke me and my promises
this is the last day of forever

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I look back

I look back by anelephantcant

I look back by anelephantcant

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when you left you took something I could never get back
a little piece that broke off inside me
I can only remember the good times we had
the cold nights when you lay warm beside me

some people stay with you for all of your life
though you haven’t seen them or spoken in years
some memories still bring a smile to your heart
while others bring darkness and tears

sometimes I look back and ask myself why
what on earth was I thinking back then
sometimes I look back and just shake my head
and hope I’ll never be that crazy again

but it all filters into the people we are
the you and I who once fell in love
so I have no regrets for what ever has passed
I just weep and thank the blue skies above

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je t’aime

je t'aime by anelephantcant

je t’aime by anelephantcant

some words need no translation
like the ones I’m thinking of
I know you’ll understand me when
I speak the sweet language of love
je t’aime

I have no education
I don’t claim I am clever
but I’m smart enough to want you
deep in my heart forever
je t’aime

I loved you when we first met
I loved you more as time went by
I love you now with all my heart
and I’ll love you till I die
je t’aime

my thoughts are still unspoken
my poems remain unsigned
perhaps I wasn’t clear enough
why did I not speak my mind
je t’aime

now my last hope is forsaken
my last penny has been spent
somehow I let you walk away
not knowing what I meant
je t’aime
je t’aime
je t’aime

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earthly remains

the Bay of Angels, Nice

the Bay of Angels, Nice

There are those who say they must go home
But there is no need to hurry them
They want to return to their native soil
When the time has come to bury them

They prefer to be where they were born
And not in some foreign place
A primeval urge to go back there
When Death looks them in the face

They consider it important
To determine where they’ll be lying
Under the soil for eternity
It makes them less afraid of dying

Less concerned about their inner soul
And where it lingers in the hereafter
They fret about earthly remains
As if that can possibly matter

No talk here of religion
Or of Hell or Heaven above
Each person makes their own decision
Each chooses hawk or dove

So if we only get one life
Why not think more about how we live
Perhaps pause before we make a choice
Whether to always take or – just sometimes – give

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