The Wedding Scene

a marriage of inconvenience by phil burns

a marriage of inconvenience by phil burns

The ice was cracked and spiky
The glass was smashed and green
The water black and filthy
But her hands were soft and clean

He was tall and wore a soft felt hat
He stood in front of the TV
No one could see the wedding scene
So they turned to torture me

The bride was bathed and lovely
Her lingerie was white and fresh
The window was wide open
So I watched her as she dressed

He was in a smoked-glass limousine
We hadn’t met in twenty years
When they replayed the honeymoon
The men were all reduced to tears

A cloakroom overflowing
With hats and scarves and gloves
Our long black coats showed danger signs
As they dragged across the dust

She said come back here later
I will take you to my room
There were cats and kittens everywhere
She thought I was the groom

She said she’d have them all removed
I will make it spick and span
If you will lie with me tonight
You will always be my man

I was too old to be there
I left quietly while she slept
The sky was dark the stars were bright
I was happy yet I wept

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calanque by anelephantcant

calanque by anelephantcant

Listen here:

steep and rocky
a crescent of sand
by murmuring waters
of silvery
sun sparkled
a cloudless
Mediterranean sky
over the beach
by the sound
of constant surf
breaking waves
white flecked couriers
and yet
on olive
and pine trees
still are heard
their subtle song
beyond the reefs
mermaids frolic

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dream trickles

dream trickles by anelephantcant

dream trickles by anelephantcant

as the morning light
the shades of the night
which linger
behind small buildings
under verdant trees
beneath tumbled hedgerows
so the waking mind
follows the cloudy fragments
of a dream
as it trickles
through the crevices
of consciousness
barely seen
pillars of reason
columns of sanity
walls of understanding
built to protect
the soul
leaving behind
and an almost tangible sense of loss

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rock n roll

rock n roll by anelephantcant

rock n roll by anelephantcant

the day gives up its brightness
the sun smiles behind the hill
the tree shows off his profile
but the wind decides to chill

the waves are teased by gull wings
as they dance towards the shore
and pebbles play their music
it’s rock n roll for evermore

the jetty reaches outwards
as though to stretch her muscles
a dry leaf tumbles through a gap
whispers and gently rustles

the rosy dusk now paints the sky
in the colour of my heart
pink and purple turn to black
now forever we’re apart

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where do dreams go

where do dreams go by phil burns

where do dreams go by phil burns

there are some questions that are rarely asked
like where do dreams go when we waken
do they stay inside
our heads and hide
or do they float around until fairies take them

what is the point of their concealment
of loitering deep down in the brain
no matter what
we may have thought
we can never start the same dream again

sometimes they linger on the edge
we strive to recapture that last bliss
but nonetheless
sweet hopelessness
is the inevitable result of this

they slip so quietly to the corners
we can almost taste the flavours yet
but softly painful
we can’t catch shadows so we sadly forget

but are they memories or foresight
or just our wishes freshly died
forgotten pleasures
guilty treasures
do any of us still believe in Freud

so where do dreams go when we waken
do they fragment or remain steadfastly whole
do they live on in our eyes
do they reach Paradise
AnElephant believes that they feed on his soul

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holes in the wall

holes in the wall by anelephantcant

holes in the wall by anelephantcant

Ear Phones Recommended:

the youngest amongst us was anxious
he was excited and eager to leave
he ironed his shirts till they glistened
and he left a deep crease on his sleeve

the old man was much more phlegmatic
he’d been there he’d seen it before
when the time came to get on the plane
he rose quietly and slipped through the door

the stewardess brought fruit cake and French fries
she told us it wouldn’t be long
she bit on a mustard filled sandwich
and stayed till we finished our song

the toilet was out on an island
in a hole in a rock in a shed
it wasn’t too safe it wasn’t too clean
it was more an offence to the dead

the plane was scheduled for Paris
we should have arrived before dawn
when we landed in Key West that evening
I might have guessed something was wrong

we collided together in violence
a crash and a roar and a fire
she smiled through her eyes she showed me her thighs
her hands were clenched tight with desire

she took me into a log cabin
where the windows were holes in the wall
in her naked embrace I looked in her face
the tears fell with no thought of recall

when the weeping was over we made love
maybe two or three times I don’t know
because now the sun shone we had lost everyone
only our footprints were left in the snow

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restless by anelephantcant

restless by anelephantcant

I remember when her eyes were blue
though it seems so long ago
and the colour soon was washed away
when the tears began to flow

I remember when her eyes were black
she was mysterious as the night
but the dark became pervasive
and I craved the morning light

I remember when her eyes were brown
so loving deep and warm
I thought I’d found tranquillity
it was the calm before the storm

I see now that her eyes are green
enchanting as a potion
they fascinate and capture me
she is restless as the ocean

eyes come in many colours
leaf and sky and earth and coal
but I am blind to all of that
I drown enraptured in her soul

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